Happy Birthday to Jennifer Lopez from the Her Source team!

Jenny from that Block of the South South Bronx celebrates her 44th birthday today. The Boricua beauty and world-renowned actress, singer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and, most importantly, mother of two is a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention, at 44, she’s got the face and rockin booty body of a 25 year old. If only we could all have those JLo genes.

As you might recall, Jennifer Lopez started her legacy back as a Fly Girl on In Living Color, and has been unstoppable ever since. Most notably, her career skyrocketed after starring in Selena back in 1997. Thereafter she landed major roles in a laundry list of films including Money Train, Out of Sight, Jack, The Wedding Planner, Angel Eyes, and Enough.

In the midst of her rise to stardom in the cinema, J Lo decided to pursue a music career, releasing her debut album On The 6 in 1999. The lead single “If You Had My Love” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, a rare accomplishment for an artist’s first song ever. Since then, Lopez has recorded 7 full length studio albums, and is currently working on an eighth, reportedly due for release sometime this Fall.

J Lo is one of few actors to successfully make a transition into music, let alone to cross-over dance, Latin, and pop genres alike. With her career in entertainment in combination with her clothing and fragrance lines, the woman is not just a public figure of sorts, she’s a flourishing brand.

Though Jenny’s personal life has constantly been met with great scrutiny from the media and ordinary citizens alike, a lady with a resume like hers should have every right to pick, choose and be on to the next. #ImJustSayin.

In honor of her birthday and her slew of achievements, Her Source has highlighted 5 of our favorite Jennifer Lopez hip hop collaborations. We can’t wait to see what the new album brings, but until then, take a walk down memory lane with the following tracks from Jenny’s block.

By: Alana Johnson