mike tysonBack in the glory days of Nintendo there were certain games you had to own, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out being one of those games. Since its release in 1987, the classic video game has been enjoyed by gamers all over the world other than the star of the game himself, Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson recently found the time to actually sit down and enjoy the video game sporting his name. During a recent visit to Fox Sports, the staff there plugged up a Nintendo and recorded Tyson playing the game for the first time. It’s safe to assume to assume the boxing champion never played a video game system in his day because dude looks amazed and is genuinely enjoying Nintendo. Shoutout to Glass Joe, he is one of the only guys who can actually see Mike Tyson in the ring. Check out the video below.

Written by Dru Ashe (@ShottaDru)