Chance The Rapper Skrillex Mike Will Made It What your interest are song

Near the beginning of last summer (2013) this random image surfaced on the web showing The Source Magazine’s Rookie of The Year: Chance the Rapper and Dupstep megastar Skrillex seemingly playing an Xbox Kinect game with not many other details surrounding it.  Then a few weeks ago producer du jour Mike Will Made It posted this picture to Instagram of he & the aforementioned duo who I have dubbed “Chillex”.

Now we finally have some product!

While performing a set at Brooklyn Bowl this week Skrillex premiered a new cut with Chance prominently featured on it.  The track which has Chance exhibiting his unique crooning skills by interpolating a classic Biggie line “what your interests are, who you be with” is very smooth, funky, and dubstepy; but more in the veign of previous CTR collaborator James Blake rather than Skrillex’s typical Transformers porno music stuff that the super DJ is known for.

Were feeling it, what say you?

Spencer @sjeezs