Approximately seven years ago today something was brewing in Queens, New York. Many didn’t know the exact caliber of how far it would go but now because of it, you can’t mention Hip-Hop and Pop culture without uttering the name Nicki Minaj. The year 2007 marked the release of Playtime Is Over, Nicki Minaj’s debut mixtape.  Fans across the world are currently celebrating its release and even notified the then Harajuku Barbie of its release.

But let’s rewind, seven years ago a New Yorker at heart and Country Girl in the soul, made her way to Jamaica Queens in one of the hottest summers in NY. Hot, not only because of the weather, but there was finally a new female MC on the brink and as a journalism major at Middle Tennessee State University I had to know more. At the moment I couldn’t get an internship at The Source Magazine so I took it upon myself to create my own magazine, Culture Shock Mag. It featured the best writers from Tennessee State University, Alabama A&M, Clark Atlanta University, University of Miami, Montclair University and more. A huge shout to Marisa Mendez of InFlexWeTrust, Culture Shock Mag alumni and also the camera person behind this interview.

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In short, I called Fendi, Nicki Minaj’s manager at the time for an interview for my college television show. He agreed and the rest is history. I learned a lot from her and one of the biggest things that stuck with me is that she told me she was going to do all of this. An empire built upon music, perfume, television, movies and platinum albums. She literally said that and also told me to keep going and that Oprah had some competition. So check it out, a candid interview with myself and Nicki Minaj in her old neighborhood in front of Dunkin’ Donuts.

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