The bank collapse in 2008 that led to the economic recession in 2009, taught many the importance of having multiple hustles.

That concept can be seen in various generations too! You ever see high school kids selling candy on the subway? How about your grandma selling Mary Kay products in her living room?

Well, what about the Wake Up Now digital hustle via Instagram? The money is the motive and the paper chase to pay the landlord and put food on the table is essential.

Barry Bondz, knows a thing or two about wearing multiple hats. An artist featured a few months ago in Source Online’s Hidden Gems, Barry Bondz is the owner of Genco, LLC—a brand that focuses on lifestyle. Genco Apparel, his clothing company, Genco Audio and Genco Music are all under that umbrella. His Genco apparel is kinda cool too! They house Genco phone t-shirts for the ladies and hoodies for the fellas, as well as phone cases. All items have funky logos that draw attention to the brand—like their Power G Edition logo and their bull logo. “I tried to make Genco like a team,” Bondz told The Source.

Check Out a Couple of Pieces


Sticking with the team concept, Barry Bondz’s Genco Audio focuses on the production-side of things—assisting local acts like Knew Era, Mafia MC and KY. It’s been successful and Bondz is happy to keep business moving: “Bigger than a logo or apparel company, I treat my team like players.”

With The Source prepping for their Unsigned Hype Competition, Bondz is a hip hop academic—appearing on BET’s hip-hop cyphers in 2011 and 2012. He also dropped his Glory Deluxe album this spring on iTunes. “These songs will stand the test of time,” said Barry Bondz. “Each record has its own story.”

Check Out Glory featuring Skyzoo & Game Beats

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