Known as Mr. BK Representer, Nay Nillz gets the job done.

Not to steal a line from fellow Brooklynite Big Daddy Kane, but Nay’s name has gained quite a buzz at various showcases and broadcasts throughout New York City.

You name it, and he’s in there like swimwear: Power 105 FM, Xtreme 104 FM, DTF Radio, NiteLine, FLOEmpire, and Real Deal FM are checking for homey and his singles Shake Something, My City, and Its Goin Down ring bells like Sunday’s at 12 o’clock!

2014 was a come up year for the lyricist. Both the Nay Nillz brand and the Game Ova Empire that he represents have been recognizable in the field.

Already been featured in Jack Thriller, Thisis50, My Hip Hop Life, OTG Hip Hop, Lil Miss Chit Chat, Street Khemistry, HLM Media, The Hype Magazine, Street Khemistry, Respect The Next, and more, Nay Nillz is making the slow cooked meal, rather than simply offering fast food results. That said, he’s cooking up a recipe for the world to remember him for a long time.

Check Out Nay Nillz My City