When the Living Legends crew reunited November 14, 2015 for the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, spirits were high. After all, the West Coast Hip Hop collective, comprised of Luckyiam, Eligh, Scarub, The Grouch, Bicasso, Murs, Sunspot Jonz, and Aesop, had been on hiatus for years. According to Luckyiam, it was an emotional event, one that hopefully repeats itself in the near future.

Currently, Luckyiam is hard at work promoting his latest project, Luck & Lana with songwriter/creative partner, Lana Shea. The duo’s new album, Go, features a laundry list of some of Hip Hop’s finest, including Del the Funkyhomosapien, Aesop Rock, Ras Kass, Chino XL, and D-Styles. Produced by EDM production duo Kill the Computer, the album hits hard with bass heavy beats and lots of twists and turns, not exactly indicative of a “standard” Hip Hop album. Fresh on the heels of the premiere of their new video, “Keys,” Luckyiam and Lana discuss the album, concept for the video and, yes, that Living Legends (possible) reunion.

TheSource.com: What’s your writing process like?

Luckyiam: We usually write at the house and record our demos/scratch tracks in the home studio. The living room has been a surreal creative space. The spot has history, by the way. Living Legends wrote the track “Forces of Nature” off Almost Famous in this room. We also cook up ideas for songs while driving, which is where I came up with the hook for “Type.” We think of ideas at random life spots, too.

Why does the partnership with Kill The Computer work so well? 

Luckyiam: They make hard beats and they’re cool guys. Plus, we love the EDM/Hip Hop gumbo they curated for us. It’s a blessing to make albums with one production team behind the boards. It adds to our albums cohesiveness.

Tell me about the concept for this video. 

Luckyiam: In this video, a classic looking Luck and Lana time travel to a Brooklyn bar in Lawndale, where they meet some suspicious bartenders who end up drugging them and sending them into a wild psychedelic trip, which leads into the song “Vision.” 

Lana, I love how you don’t try to oversexualize your image and always look beautiful no matter what. You aren’t taking off your clothes to “get attention.” Is that important to you?

Lana: Yeah, that’s definitely something I believe in. I have no problem with ladies showing skin, but it’s no secret that women have been over-sexualized in the music and entertainment industries, especially in pop and Hip Hop. I don’t think that’s how it needs to be. Of course, you can show your shit off if that’s what makes you happy, but for me, I prefer to direct focus to my art rather than my ass.  

How did you get Aesop Rock, Del and D Styles on your album?

Luckyiam: Don’t forget Ras Kass and Chino XL. They are on the album, as well. All of these guys are friends of mine and they each made sense to be part of this album. D-Styles ripped the third verse of “Bruh.” Ras & Chino murder it on “Type.” And Aesop and Del is the Living Legends/Rhymesayers/Hieroglyphics collaboration I’ve always wanted.

Luck, what was it like being with all the Legends again for your recent performance? 

Luckyiam: Man, that shit was epic. The love we got from the fans was phenomenal. People were crying and shit. I can’t wait to do it again, if you catch my drift.