Looking to find weed? Don’t worry—they’ll be an app for that soon. According to BlazeNow‘s CEO Jeremy Carr, Method Man and Redman are in talks to “be involved” with the app, which allows users to search thousands of legal dispensaries and delivery services in states where marijuana is legal.

Carr told Hip Hop DX:

“[Method Man & Redman] have been aware of the development of BlazeNow for a little while and they love the business plan and like the app and want to be involved. So we went with them to the High Times Cannabis Cup where they performed and we brought a bunch of hats and jumped on a jet with them and flew out to Vegas where they were performing the same night with Lil Wayne. We just got into detail about our business and marketing plans and what we want to do and how they can be involved. Obviously we’re still getting into place to making it official but they already wore our hats and our jackets and told the crowd about us, so it was pretty cool.”

The soft launch of the app includes location menus and info on where to find doctors and accessories. The app conveniently launches on the official smokers holiday, April 20, better known as “420” or “Weed Day.”

Marijuana is currently legal for recreational consumption in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia.


Photo credit: Getty Images