The month of March has certainly lived up to expectations for battle rap fans after SMACK proclaimed it to be SMACK Madness, with another stack of quality battles dropping over the last couple of weeks. The best battle to drop on SMACK/ URLTV since the JC vs. Nu Jerzey Twork from the SMACK Volume 1 event was the highly entertaining and debatable AVE vs. Geechi Gotti battle from the Traffic 3 event – watch below.

The other URL battles which have dropped over the last fortnight for SMACK Madness are;

Rebel vs. Jmorr (Proving Grounds)

Craig Lamar vs. Holmzie Da God

Steams vs. Diesel (also from the Traffic 3 event)

Haixian vs. Skates (Proving Grounds)

Snake Eyez vs. Mack Mel

E Ness vs. Lexx Luthor

Profit vs. Yung Griz (Proving Grounds)