Even when he’s up, people want to drag Nas’ name through the mud.

Producer DJ Nabs, who’s known best for his production with Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def, is accusing the legendary Queens emcee of sleeping with his girlfriend Jessica Santos after the producer stumbled across some text messages and emails that insinuated Jessica and Nas were intimately involved.

Nabs allegedly wrote a letter to Nas(really?) to confront him about sleeping with his girlfriend, which he used to blow up Nas’ spot and apologize to his wife.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

“On May 19th, 2018 after my performance in Atlanta with the Youngbloodz, my girlfriend didn’t come home one night. After confronting her and getting the silent treatment, I discovered on my own, texts and emails, that [proved] she had a sexual relationship” with the rapper, dating back to 2014, he wrote in the letter.

Nabs says in the missive that when he showed Santos the evidence, “she defiantly admitted to sleeping with [Nas] the night she didn’t come home,” claiming that she and Nabs “were over” at the time, and defended “the explicit texts I discovered saying, ‘the sexual texts are a minuscule part of our friendship.’”]

Nabs claims that Nas knows that he left his wife for Santos and feels betrayed by both of them.

He [Nas] knows I was with Jessica,” he tells Page Six. “He knows I left my wife . . . I’m sitting in this situation betrayed by both of them, and I don’t owe them anything,” he says.