When most outsiders think about New Jersey, they think of the shore and diners. Although this is true, it is all dependent on which part of the state you are referring to. The state is ultimately divided into Northern and Southern regions. The southern region of the state offers the beaches, while the northern is a completely different culture.

Originating in Newark, NJ, Jersey Club music burst onto the scene in the late 2000s. Prior to its massive prominence and influence, Baltimore Club was the popular genre of club music. There has always been one aspect that separated Jersey Club: the dance moves.

On Wednesday, July 4th, DJ Izlit (@djizlit) and his team (@teamizlit) held their 3rd annual Highlights Festival in West Orange, NJ. Over 2,400 people attended to see how the East Orange DJ and his team would top the previous two years. If you happened to be in attendance, you noticed that this event was nothing short of extraordinary. The festival itself provided the perfect vibes for the 4th of July, but there was one performance that captivated the crowd’s attention.

New Jersey’s own YB (Young Bosses) group took the stage to give a legendary performance, dedicated to the last decade of Jersey Club.

Jersey club continued to spread due to the popularity of DJs such as DJ Lil Man. His “Team Lilman Anthem” garnered over 46 million views on Youtube.

Watch Young Bosses’ full performance from this year’s Jersey Highlights Festival below. If you’re from North Jersey, the nostalgia will be at an all time high.