Michael Jackson was renowned for his fashion sense as much as he was an entertainer. From the red leather Thriller jacket to his signature sparkly glove, we admired him as a style icon. His influence is unequivocally incomparable. During his time, very few came close to match his elite sense of fashion. A number of musicians today such as Beyonce, Kanye West, Madonna, Pharrell, and Rihanna have all drawn influence from the King of Pop. You might as well have called him Caesar because Mike was definitely dressing. Take a look at some of his most memorable looks below.

Billy Jean Video

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Billy Jean is one of his biggest selling singles to date. In the video, Michael styled a slick, black leather suite, meshed with a salmon shirt and red bowtie. This classic look would reappear a number of times throughout Jackson’s music videos. One can not go wrong with a suit and tie. Jackson’s effortless display while performing in a suit is one of many looks he had in his repertoire.

Thriller Jacket

The Thriller period is what solidified Jackson’s superstar status as a solo artist. His music video/short film broke broadcasting barriers on MTV, but his red leather jacket complemented the cinematography and dance moves.

1984 Grammy Awards

The King of Pop was also big on sparkly embellishments. Not only did Jackson steal the night with a record-breaking 8 Grammy Awards, (7 from Thriller) but his fit helped his accoladed 1984 Grammy appearance much more appealing.

Penny Loafers

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Jackson tapped into the gold embellishment look once again during this performance, but it was his penny loafers that put the icing on the cake.

White Crystal Ball Jacket

Jackson shared many iconic moments with his younger sister, Janet. Janet presented him with the Grammy Legend Award at the 1993 awards show. The sibling matched with their white tops. Michael’s crystal ball incrusted jacket was the main attraction as he took the stage to accept his Legends Award.