Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa should take a look into this one.

Weed homes will be up and running very soon. According to TMZ, an LA real estate developer, Huntington Estate Properties, is bringing herbal green living to Los Angeles.  The marijuana friendly home will start at $30-$40 million and will target athletes, CEOs, celebrities and other wealthy Bel-Air demographics. So far five mansions getting are ready to undergo development. Huntington is looking to build more homes pending the success of the starting 5.

“The individual homes, call them the houses that temp built are being advertised to active and retired athletes,” said TMZ. There is scientific research proving the miracles that both cannabinoids, THC and CBN have on the body. Some include pain relief and an appetite stimulant.

Owners will be able to grow cannabis in a room designed especially for growth. As an owner, you become a “dedicated harvester,” where you will cultivate, water and fertilize for healthy weed growth. The California state law allows you to grow a maximum of 6 plants in your home. No wonder everyone wants to live in LA. Two of the five homes are scheduled to be ready to live in by summer of 2019.

This new living alternative only corroborates the West coast’s progressive culture. While the rest of the country is playing catch up, these are the states where you can freely purchase weed. View the Huntington Properties site for more information as well as the model homes here.