SOURCE LATINO: Illegal Immigrant Making Pizza Delivery In NYC Arrested By ICE Agents

He was just trying to make a living to take care of his family in the land of opportunity, but that opportunity has become a nightmare for Pablo Villavicencio. The pizza delivery man was arrested and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for de... Read Article

SOURCE LATINO: Court Forces Puerto Rico To Release Official Number Of Hurricane Maria Related Deaths

Puerto Rico’s government said Tuesday it will comply with a court ruling that orders officials to release all death certificates issued after Hurricane Maria hit the U.S. territory amid allegations that the off... Read Article

SOURCE LATINO: Puerto Rico Hit With Island-Wide Blackout

Puerto Rico, suffering from an unstable power grid since Hurricane Maria, has been hit by an island-wide power outage, the Associated Press has reported, suffering unstable power grid following hurricane on Wednesday. The hurricane inflicted widespread dama... Read Article

SOURCE LATINO: Detroit-Based Immigrant Deported To Mexico After 30 Years In U.S.

After spending three decades in the United States, a 39-year-old Michigan man was sent back to Mexico by ICE agents, according to the Detroit Free Press. Jorge Garcia was only 10 when he came to the US with his family. He was a child of undocumented immigrants... Read Article

Half Of Puerto Rico’s Electricity Customers Still Lack Power

Almost half of the electricity customers in Puerto Rico lack power, according to officials on the island, 100 days after Hurricane Maria hit the island. Government officials on the island told The Associated... Read Article

Lin-Manuel Miranda Returns To Hamilton! About To Storm P.R. In 2018

History tells us that a massive storm in 1772 brought Alexander Hamilton to the mainland… and so it is only right that an equally destructive storm almost 250 years later brings the man that made the country’s first Secretary of Treasury a rock star back to th... Read Article
Sammy Sosa is Practically Caucasian Now

Sammy Sosa is Practically Caucasian Now

Sammy Sosa was spotted in London appearing significantly whiter than ever. He is damn near Caucasian. Read Article