Facebook Announces New Hi-Tech Features At Annual Developers Event

Social media platform Facebook is stepping up their game by rolling out features soon to hit the site. Several features were announced on the first day of it's annual developers conference, held in San Jose thi... Read Article

The Candy Crush Saga Just Got Bigger, Better, and it’s Coming to Your Television Screen!

The "Candy Crush" addiction is real! The latest television news will excite billions of mobile game users around the world. CBS will broadcast a new game show based on the mobile craze, "Candy Crush Saga." President of CBS Entertainment, Glenn Geller, sa... Read Article

A Pokémon Go-er Catches A Pidgey While His Wife Gives Birth

Pokémon have literally taken over the world. No, it's not the 90's again, Gameboys didn't make a resurgence, unfortunately. However Pokémon Go, a reality mobile game, is the latest in the celebrated lineage of the anime-turned-video-game's collection. Essen... Read Article

Nintendo New York Opens Only U.S. Retail Store In Rockefeller Center

Nintendo is doing some big things in 2016. The company is launching its first smartphone app, Miitomo, next month. Its next console is slated to be unveiled later this year. Popular franchises like Pokémon are celebrating major milestones and releases in ot... Read Article

Lupe Fiasco Defeats Professional Gamer At ‘Street Fighter V’

Lupe Fiasco got his wish for a shot at world Street Fighter champion Daigo Umehara granted and the two dueled yesterday at Street Fighter 5's launch gala in San Francisco. Incredibly, Fiasco won, 3-2, but in th... Read Article