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No, this is not another Internet hoax and no Jay Elec wasn’t sauced on Twitter this morning because had he been he would’ve already deleted the tweets in which he stated that his album Act II, is finally finished and will be rurned in to the label tomorrow. The illusive Roc Nation MC has kept his fans waiting long enough with almost no music released since signing to Hov’s label, and now, barring any divine intervention, the New Orleans native will provides us with a full body of work.


The rapper went on to tweet that he’ll be writing an open letter to all of his patient supporters which to be published shortly on his tumblr. He also thanked the Based God, Lil B for his encouragement throught the creative process of the album and suggested that the two hit the start button on the collaborative EP which they’d previously discussed. 

Nate Santos (@MidtownNate)  


Props: Mr. X

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