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During the BET Awards, Machine Gun Kelly blatantly referred to Yelawolf as an “old man,” sarcastically stating he should respect his elders.

After making that statement towards Yelawolf, MGK was interviewed by Karen Civil and told her he ran into Yelawolf after making the “old man” statement. He stated:

“A lot of people don’t know this, but I left the interview when I was at Long Beach and I saw Yelawolf walk past. I thought there were all these things being thrown in the air and I’ far from a punk and I’m definitely not a sucker and I’m definitely not going to sit there and let the awkward ‘we know we’re both in the same space, eyes going and shit’ so I went up to say what was going on and we talked it out and I thought shit was cool. As far as I’m concerned motherfucker, unless you’re fuckin’ Jay-Z status or Eminem status or anyone else to where dissing you would make my career fucking go like this, then I should save you a champagne bottle.”


MGK also touches on his previous comments on his hit-cookie-cutter single “Invincible”. Watch the full interview below. 

– John Weber (@JohnPaulWeber)