Teen pop sensation dodges drug charge at Stockholm tour stop


This afternoon in Stockholm, Sweden, Justin Beiber’s tour bus was searched for marijuana after a police officer caught a whiff of the chronic coming from the vehicle. Although unspecified narcotics were found on the bus by police, no one will be charged with a crime.

According to reports, a Stockholm officer smelled the weed while the bus was parked in the city’s Grand Hotel and contacted the narcotics division when the bus left the hotel on its way to the Globe Arena. This is where Beiber performed the third of his back to back go back shows in Stockholm. The police didn’t search the bus until Beiber was on stage.


“We found a small amount of alleged narcotics and an electroshock weapon,” says Stockholm police department press officer Lars Bystrom. He claims that since no one was in actual possession of the marijuana or the stun gun, no charges could be filed.

Last January,the teen pop star was allegedly caught smoking weed in a hotel with his crew in Newport Beach, CA, however, no charges were ever filed.

Justin Beiber is due in Helsinki, Finland on Friday for the next stop on his “Believe” tour.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)