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The Source presents to you this week’s crushes, Rox Brown and Jill Pacheco.

24 year-old Rox Brown was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States when she was four years old. Growing up as a child, Brown was inspired to be a role model that people can look up to. She’s an aspiring VJ (Video Journalist) and personality, who is currently working for Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.

When asked what inspires her to want to be a personality?, her statement was, “I want to be someone people can look up to, make it clear that you can be whoever you want to be.”


Rox Brown’s sense of style is driven, at times, by listening to music, it dictates her outfit for the day. She has a laid back personality but can be spontaneous, who loves spending time with friends and catching up on some sleep during her off time. Her favorite genre in music is Hip-Hop and loves the “Trippy Mane” himself, Juicy J.

She gets a lot of support from the people who surround her, including Pharrell, bringing her more positivity so that she can succeed.

Rox Brown may affiliate herself around male figures, but she’s a sexy individual who represents women and will love to be that female on your television screen who inspires young women like her favorite stars inspired her.


19 year-old, Jillian Pacheco, better known as Jill, or Jillpach, is a model originally from the Philadelphia area but has been living in New York City for the past two years.
Jillpach has been working as a model since she was 15 years old, when she won a national modeling competition.

She was named “spokes-model” of the clothing line, Collection B and was featured in their advertising campaigns including multiple Teen Vogue spreads. After high school, Jill moved to the concrete jungle to pursue her modeling career and to study fashion. Ever since she’s been living in NYC, her grind has been real and she loves every minute of it. Within the past two years, Jillpach has been featured in two international campaigns for both Nike and Converse.

Currently, Ms. Pacheco works for her modeling agency, Boss Models and goes to school during the week at LIM (Fashion School). On weekends, Jillpach works part time as a sales associate at one of her favorite stores, Billionaire Boys Club. “There’s something about street wear brands in NYC that you really won’t find anywhere else.” “I was initially attracted to BBC, because of my respect and admiration for Pharrell Williams as a multitalented artist and overall inspirational human being,” she said.

Jill’s ultimate goal is to become a television host/personality. “I love talking about art, music, fashion, street wear, culture and meeting unique people who are also trying to do extraordinary things with their life,” she said.


These two lovely ladies are very ambitious women who are on the right track to build their craft. Rox Brown and Jill Pacheco both work for Pharrell Williams (BBC) and have an interest to pursue the same career path to become a television host/personality. We enjoy getting to know women who are self-motivated and determined to pursue, if they haven’t already, their careers. It’s one thing to be beautiful, but it’s even more attractive to be smart, beautiful and business oriented and by the looks of it these two ladies hae it all. Get to know the lovely Rox Brown and Jill Pacheco, by following them via social media below and stay tuned for next week’s crush on

Pinky (Pinky_McCoy)


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Instagram: Rox_brown