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Big K.R.I.T., one of the hardest working and humble emcees, released a brand new video this afternoon. “Multi” is a standout track from his recent mixtape King Remembered in Time, which has received a significant amount of praise from critics. Easily one of the most inspirational songs, it details not only how hard he hustled to get to his position, but how appreciative he is for his status. The deceptively simple hook, “till the motherf**kin sun die,” conveys both KRIT’s passion for rapping/hip hop and his general message to his fans—to work at anything they’re doing until they’re prevented by powers out of their hands.

Steve-Ography directed a video that captures the reminiscent qualities of the KRIT’s song in a unique way. Draped in black & white, the video is a montage of footage from his latest tour, him hanging out with hometown friends, recording sessions, and even some video shoots. Quite a few famous rappers make cameos to show support for the Mississippi bred emcee, including: Wiz Khalifa, Bun B, J. Cole (who is on the screen for the longest and really shows admiration for his fellow Southern compatriot), Nelly, and Smoke DZA.


It is a great visual accompaniment to an already great track. Big K.R.I.T continues to grind hard, and this video is a testament to his hard work. His long-time fans—and even some new ones—will be pleased to see how much hope and excitement he exudes in this video. Perhaps he may become more of a real human being to you after viewing this video, as he peels back some of his tough exterior to show you intimate moments of his life.

You can check out the video below.


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