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Queens is on the rise once again, thanks to acts like Action Bronson, Worlds Fair, Bryant Dope, and you can now add to the list rapper, 360. The Queens native has been making his rounds as of late, recently appearing on MTV Rap Fix, Power 105 and other major media outlets.

360, whose real name is Manny Keith is currently promoting his buzz worthy mixtape, Beginning of Forever, which features guests like Waka Flocka, Wyclef Jean, Freddie Gibbs and Jadakiss. 360 looks to takeover the rap game with his creativity and offer the game some much needed originality.


Look out for 360‘s “Night Life” video dropping very soon, but in the meantime download Beginning of Forever, and check out our exclusive interview with 360.

What do you think was that key moment when people started noticing you?

I would have to say when I did that song with Jadakiss, that’s when people said “Wow, this guy is the real deal.” I didn’t even feel like it was real until I wrote the second song on the CD. To me, that CD opened up my eyes and made me realize that this is the life I want forever, that’s why I named the mixtape “Beginning Forever.” I got a track on there with Jadakiss, Waka Flocka, Wyclef and others. That’s features you can’t buy!

You’ve been doing this rapping thing for a minute, right?

Hell yeah, a long ass time. People think I just came out the woodworks, but I’ve been doing this since 04 or 05. I just started getting the most buzz around my name this year, so thats why people think am brand new to the game.

I know Creative control is big for you, would you stay the independent route?

If the money is there, why not? If I make a big single I still need a lot of money to promote it, so the timing and the situation just has to be right for me to sign. For example, my dude Macklemore had a hit record that blew up and made him enough money to stay independent for now.

What is the best advice you got from Macklemore and his people?

Do it yourself, and don’t wait for nobody.

Am sure you have labels hitting you up now with deals. Are you interested in signing with anyone in particular?

No. To me labels are all the same and it don’t matter the lane. At the end of the day it’s about who’s going to believe in you, and who’s going to push you the way you would push yourself.

Now with the latest project you dropped, Beginning of Forever, which was the most exciting studio session you had while recording this mixtape?

The Wyclef session was the most interesting. He pulled a mic out of nowhere, and started dancing. I’ve never seen that before, so it was interesting. But the most exciting session was Waka. When we went to the studio with Waka he was like “you ready?” and goes in the booth and adds the ad-lib to the track. Then he comes out the booth, and says “I don’t even write, I just go in the booth and get high.” [Laughs] He would end up telling me stories about the tour life, and what is going be like for me in the future. Waka got all his morals and principles down pact. People think he has a couple screws loose but he is really smart.

What is your favorite track from your mixtape?

“Night Life” is one of my favorites, which we are dropping a video for very soon, so be on the lookout for that, but personally, off the record, I would have to say the last track entitled “Blinded.”

Being that you were around during the come up of J.Cole, how has that inspired you?

That was a huge inspiration. I remember two weeks before he got signed, he came to the barbershop asking for a cut, and I asked him “For What,” he said “Yo, am about to get signed by Jay,” and I was like “Get the f$ck outta here.” [Laughs] To see him take the route he did, school, work and go from normal life to superstar life, it made me say to myself, I know I can do this!

What’s missing in the game for you right now?

Creativity and originality. There’s a big void in those two departments and this is where I step in.

Where can people contact you or check out more of your music?

Make sure you follow me on Twitter @360ismusic and check out my site 360ismusic.com

Roger Krastz @walldoe

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