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ryan-leslie-black-mozart-coverBefore letting go his album, Ryan Leslie decides to releases a 25-minute documentary covering how it came to be.

In anticipation for Ryan Leslie’s upcoming album Black Mozart, R. Les decided to release a 25-minute documentary covering everything that happens during the recording process taking place in Vieanna, Austria

The documentary opens up with Ryan Leslie’s failure to pay the reward to the man who recovered his lost laptop which made newspaper headlines at the beginning of this year. The video then transitions to R. Les’ specifications for a daily routine that includes only sleeping 3 hours a day, with a 30-minute nap, eating breakfast at 7am, a three mile run before eating, and being in the studio every day from 4 a.m. Until 4 p.m.


Check out the documentary below.

– John Weber (@JohnPaulWeber)