bumpRyshon Jones reveals the harsh reality behind deep aspirations in his latest release “Common Dream.”

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The up-and-comer hailing from Philadelphia, Ryshon Jones lays down the real in his latest release “Common Dream.”

Spitting the cold truth, Jones cautions those with high hopes to not get it twisted. He warns “don’t let that rap game fool you,” before listing his subconscious doubts that arrive in his head before it comes out another’s mouth.


“Who are you to dictate someone’s future off of what they’re doing now and then the tables turn, and you know, you’re already with the sh*t that every inspired rapper hears everyday,” Jones states.

He then questions the motive of these “rappers” chasing million dollar fantasies; is it for the fame and wealth is brings or for the love?

Check out Ryshon Jones’ “Common Dream,” below.

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– John Weber (@JohnPaulWeber)