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The Flint, MI Emcee Inks Major Label Deal With The Good Doctor 

If you missed the BET Hip-Hop Awards last night you missed the coming out party for Dr. Dre‘s latest recruit, Jon Connor. Jon Connor, not to be confused with the hero of the Terminator franchise, is a young mixtape favorite from the Mitten State, known for his lyrical prowess and aggressive delivery.


Last night during a Hip-Hop Awards cypher that he shared with  Wax, Rapsody, Emis Killa and Rittz, Conner announced the news by spitting “Ya’ll knew I was sick by now my Doctor is Dre, Aftermath,” to  a round of applause from the audience. Afterwords, Jon Connor chopped it up with MTV about signing with Dre, their in-studio chemistry and how the Hip-Hop Awards cypher was the perfect timing to make the announcement.