Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 9.27.10 AMWhether you’re into astrology or not, you could always use some extra guidance and sometimes horoscopes can do just that.   With the help of, here’s the daily overview for each sign. For the extended and detailed day to day, click here.

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-Tatiana R.

10/23 -11/21


November 4th
You’ve got to make good use of this power — it’s flowing right through you, so you have to do something with it rather than storing it up for later use. People can sense your strength.


11/22- 12/21

November 4th
Your imaginative side is out in force, though you may not be able to make much practical use of it. There’s nothing wrong with that! Just dream up a few new ideas and wait to get to work on them.

12/22 -1/19

November 4th
You’re fairly well organized, which really comes in handy on an intense day like today. You may have to deal with more than one crisis, but you can turn the biggest into an opportunity.

11/20- 2/18

November 4th
You are feeling quite exposed today — it could be that a recent mistake has come to light, or maybe you’re finding that things are just harder to take than usual. Find a shoulder to cry on.