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DJ_ScratchVision_fbookJay Z sells out arenas in a matter of seconds. For fans, it’s about putting on a good show and attending a Jay concert will get you just that–thanks in part to DJ Scratch. 

DJ Scratch who is currently in Abu Dubai headlining the Adidas Originals ‘Younique’ event recently sat for an interview with local media where he stated that he aided Jay Z in polishing his stage presence.

“Jay Z was not hard to work with- he was so laidback. But he was too laidback on stage,” said the legendary music mixer in an interview with “I told him you have to enjoy your own music on stage, because if you’re not, the crowd is not going to enjoy you. If you’re not interacting with the crowd, they won’t interact with you. The more you give the crowd, the more they give back. Jay is not that artist who is going to be running back and forth across the stage-that’s not him. But I told him.he has to give a little bit more, have fun up there, crack some jokes, make the cross relax and just enjoy the music.”


Scratch, real name George Spivey, studied under the late DJ Jam Master Jay, has been DJing since the age of fifteen. He absolutely loves the energy from the crowd just by spinning turntables and there is such a thrill that is awaken within him.

Jay Z isn’t the only rapper Scratch has advised, he’s also advised rapper 50 Cent.

According to Scratch, 50 Cent had a hard interacting with the women concert attendees. Reminding the Queens native that he was a superstar who people came to see, was just the bits of advice Scratch gave him.

“He would take his shirt off in middle of the show, like on one of his aggressive songs. I’m like ‘don’t takeyour shirt off then, take your shirt off.when your doing your big hit records for the ladies, like ‘Candy Shop’ -set it up” advised
Scratch. “He really saw a different reaction from the ladies.”

Both Jay Z and 50 Cent have a stage presence that is unmatched. You can see aforementioned presence when Jay Z headlines his Magna Carter Holy Grail tour beginning next year.

-Chika Dunu