Gloria EstefanThe Source Magazine was on the red carpet for the 2014 MusiCares Gala and The Clive Davis andThe Recording Academy Annual Pre-GRAMMY Gala last weekend. Gloria Estefan attended both events and we also met last years Latin Grammy Winners Jesse and Joy at MusiCares.

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When asked what influence Carole King has had on her, Estefan told reporters, “The biggest! 1971 “Tapestry” album, I was coming into high school. I was playing my guitar. I sang since I talked. She literally gave a voice to a generation of girls and many generations after that and before that with her hits for other artists, so she’s an icon to me and I loved her and ever since I met her and consider her a friend she’s just an amazing human being,” at the event presented by Degree Women.

The next day we continued our chat with Estefan on the Clive Davis red carpet. Estefan discussed her upcoming Broadway musical, which she is working on with her husband and will tell their life story. “The book is done, we are just tweaking some little things here and there and in April we will start full on. We have a director, can’t announce who it is yet, but we will very soon, and I’m excited I’m super psyched about it.”


What’s your favorite Beatles song? 

Estefan: That’s an impossibility, I love everything The Beatles have ever done. If I had to pick one, I’d say the sexiest song they have ever done is “Something” by the great George Harrison.

What was your first concert?

Estefan: My first concert was Earth, Wind & Fire at the The Sportatorium in Miami and it blew me away. It was one of our first dates, and I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing on stage!

What is your fondest Grammy moment?

Estefan: The first time I won in 1993 for “Mi Tierra” our spanish language album that for me if I had to pick one album that stands the test of time, it would be that one because culturally it really promoted who we are, so that was a very special night. I’ll never forget it. Oscar De La Renta made my dress. I performed. It was the first time that they did a latin song on the Grammy telecast and there were a lot of beautiful memories from that night.

What makes the Grammy Awards so special?

Estefan: You know it’s your peers giving you this award saying we like what you did and probably in this industry it’s the most prestigious award to get, you never think about it when you’re making music – at least you shouldn’t, because music should be made for the sake of it – but it’s always nice, it’s like the icing on the cake.

Did Cyndi Lauper give you any advice for your upcoming Broadway show?

Estefan: I love love loved “Kinky Boots.” I thought she did an amazing job and it’s well-deserved. She’s such an amazing writer and I loved Cyndi. I’m a big fan, I really am.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Estefan: I think I’m probably going to be working. I don’t know, we’ll see.

We also met  last year’s Latin Grammy Winners Jesse and Joy on the red carpet for the MusiCares red carpet. They were very excited to be honoring Carole King. Their mom would play Carole King all the time when they were younger and they performed at the Gala. They brought their mom to the event. Watch our interview below: