The Haves And The Have Nots-The SourceThe Young Family life is on the line 

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Last week on the hit show, The Haves And Have Nots, Jeffery discovers that Wyatt was behind the death of a little girl and hitting Benny in the process knowing that he is related to Candace. Maggie tries to convince David & Jim that they should bring their whole family to the funeral of the little girl unbeknownst to her that Wyatt killed the little girl. Jim and David bring their wives, Katheryn & Veronica to the funeral of the little girl and discovers that Hanna is at the funeral too. They all know that Hanna knows about what Wyatt did and finds out that Benny was hit by Wyatt too.  Jim’s campaign manger, Maggie starts to put the pieces together between the connection of Benny and the little girl. Jeffery tells Candace that Benny is in the hospital.

This week, Candace finally gets a chance to see Benny and Wyatt finally confess on what really happened that night with Benny and the little girl. When all arrived from the funeral, they all went back to the Cryers’ house to talk about the situation. Jim tells Celine that she could go home for the day and as she was leaving Veronica told him not to trust her because she knows too much. Jeffery is discovered leaving the Cryers’ house by his mother as she discovers that he is covering for Wyatt.


Candace is trying to convince Jim to give Benny a private hospital room because it is too busy at the hospital and Hanna is doing everything she can to keep her faith in GOD to make sure that Benny is alive and Jeffery discovers that Amanda wants a gun but he doesn’t know why.

Tune in next week to see what happens with all the drama.

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