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With the upcoming release of EverQuest Next, Sony Online Entertainment has sought to tap into the DIY feeling of creations that made MineCraft so popular. This companion piece titled EverQuest Next: Landmark allows players to easily create structures in the upcoming multi-player online role-playing game.



The gameplay of Landmark is pretty straightforward. At the beginning you find yourself mining for resources. Once you obtain enough, you claim a spot of land and start building houses, castles, towers…whatever you desire. As you progress in the game, you gain more and more tools to build complicated objects and structures—expanding the entire universe. You of course will also enjoy an expanded crafting system, quests, the ability to claim more land and create armor and weapons.


The real beauty of Landmark is for those amongst us who are blessed with the creativity gene. They’ll be able to market their creations through an in-game player studio and make some cash to use in the real world. There is also the potential to take advantage of user-generated content to add new dimensions to the game.

Recently, SOE had opened up their doors to its exclusive San Diego campus for a selected group of media eager to test out EverQuest Next: Landmark. As the media poured in, everyone was welcomed to tables of soft drinks and snacks to make the day of playing feel like your right at home, along with gaming rigs equipped with enough processing power to create your own MMORPG.

CJ Washington (@BKCJ)