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While studies suggest that only 10 to 20 percent of people in committed relationships or marriages actually cheat, the truth is that clinical studies confirm women cheat nearly as much as men—women are just more adept at hiding it.

In other words, women are “better” cheaters, if ever there was such a thing.


The reasons women report cheating are drastically different than why men cheat—women often cheat because of emotional reasons (feeling unappreciated, lonely, unloved, neglected, ignored, or craving intimacy).

Women are also more likely to be in love with the man/woman they’re cheating with (57%), versus only 27% of men who say they’ve been in love with their side boo.

So why do we seem to think men are the biggest cheaters, even though women cheat nearly as often?

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April Dawn (@scarlettsinatra)

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