There comes a time in every hip-hop loving females life where she feels alone, feels like no one understands her love for the music, the culture or even her struggles trying to succeed in it. Here are 5 books that cover journalism, the ‘How To’s”, Feminism in Hip-Hop and the controversy that follows the music. This is the selection that just may get you by and have you feeling like you have someone who understands you.

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1. When Chickenheads Come Home To Roost: My Life As A Hip-Hop Feminist by Joan Morgan


Former writer of Vibe Magazine, Village Voice, Spin Magazine and The New York Times, Joan speaks raw and honest as she takes us on her journey Being a female in the hip-hop world is one thing, being a FEMINIST in the hip-hop world is definitely another. Joan not only discusses the effects of sexism from the opposite sex but also looks into why women inflict physical and emotional pain on each other. Joan Morgan speaks for the generation of independent women who still appreciate a man picking up the tab, the women who still lust for marriage yet see the popular trend of single parent homes and those who no longer see issues such as sex, and gender in ‘black and white anymore.