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AJLaMega1Last week we caught up with Roberto Castillo, one of the quiet movers and shakers in the radio and entertainment industry.  We were talking about the political and buying power of the Latin population because they are now the largest minority in the U.S.  Their buying power is growing each day, but what we did not understand is why a lot of U.S. companies were hesitant or just not savvy enough to take advantage of this hot growing demographic.  While having this very important discussion we started talking about the many global opportunities for minorities and the “World Cup” came up in the conversation.  He informed us about the role Mega would be playing and how we may be able to work together to cover the games.  This sounded like a hot networking opportunity so he asked the station’s point man for the project to come down and meet with us.  After talking to this skilled and gifted brother, who just had so much going on, we felt a genuine need to do this interview and let him tell his story to the world.

Interview of AJ Ramos of La Mega Radio

Q– What going on my man?


A—I’m good thank you for the interview; I respect the Source a lot.

Q– Where were you born and now reside?

A—I was born in Jersey City, NJ and live in New York.  I also lived in Las Vegas for two years doing radio.

Q– I understand your family is from El Salvador, what is life like over there?

A—Yes, my family is from El Salvador.  Like in every third world country poverty, violence and corruption is taking over.  The percentage rate of secondary and higher education is declining.  You have to be careful there are a lot of kidnappings.

Q There are a few violent gangs in the U.S. from El Salvador, what brought this about?

A—This is something I rather not talk too much about.  But the violent gangs in El Salvador basically run the country and let’s just say I guess they call it expansion.

Q– How did you get started in radio?

A—It’s a crazy story.  When something is meant to be, it is meant to be.  I was leaving the COPA CABANA on 34th street.  Thursday nights were 18 to party and I was 20 years old.  Some gorgeous blonde lady approaches my friend outside the club and asked him what he thought about the radio station.  He straight up started kicking it to her.  I answered the question as I was babysitting my boy.  I then went back to the car.  I saw the radio station as a vehicle to success so I went to the promo truck and asked them how can I get a job?  The driver tells me to wait for his boss.  The boss ended up being the gorgeous blonde.  The rest is history.  At the moment, I was pursuing a career as a lawyer and got accepted to Rutgers into the pharmacy program.  LOL.  Go figure.

Q– What are your duties?

A—What isn’t my duty?  I am man of many trades.  From promotions, marketing, blogging, sales, on air, programming to public relations and producing of events, sales recaps, voiceovers, host a variety of shows, etc.  I was once told the more you can do for a company the less likely you are of getting fired.

Q– Are you working on any special projects in music, film and/or the entertainment industry?

A—Yes I currently have a radio show on MEGA 97.9 12-5AM Mondays.  I am on SIRIUS XM Caliente Monday-Friday 6AM-12PM, in addition to being on three more channels.  I am pursuing my Masters in Communication at Kean and should be done next May 2015.  In addition, I am working on artist development for three of my artists/friends Willex, Marvelus Fame and Roberto Mesa.  I have a recording studio in NJ and do Artist public relations, promotion and development along with some grassroots marketing.  I am also working on a non-profit organization called “Street Motivators” to help kids with higher education and arts.  In addition, I am also trying to develop a foundation for kids with Down Syndrome.  My sister has Down Syndrome, her name is Judith.  Such a blessing.

AJLaMega2Q– Name some artists/celebrities you have worked with over the years?

A—This past week I had the privilege to interview Money Mayweather in addition to Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman, and Roberto Duran just to name a few boxers.  I’ve interviewed Snooki, Juanes, Carlos Vives,  Alexis y Fido, J Alvarez, Farruko, Carlos Arroyo, Oscar de Leon, Redman, Johnny Marines, Sergio George just to name a few in the Latino industry.  I’ve had the honor to also work with Don Omar helping him launch his internet radio station.

Q– What are your business goals?

A—My business goal is to keep growing in this industry and to one day become a CEO of my own multimedia company.  A short term business goal would be having my own TV show.

Q– What are your personal goals in life?

A—To be able to put food on the table for my family and people who have been around me since the beginning of my career and who truly genuinely support me.  To get these nonprofit organizations going. “From Intern to President” is the motto.

Q– Tell us some of the things you are doing to improve the lives of the youth and young adults?

A—I think in another life I was a counselor.  Giving advice, keeping it real and motivating them to do more and think outside the box.  There is more to life than what appears.  I’ve hosted a plethora of fundraisers, food and toy drives throughout the tri-state and in Las Vegas.  I’ve participated in Reading Across America and support many nonprofit organizations.

Q– Tell me about your involvement in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

A—What a blessing!  I will be one of the media correspondents for WSKQ MEGA 97.9 and SBS Radio and assisting WPAT 93.1 Amor Morning show with Bacan Bacan.  We will be doing videos, taking pictures, interviews, etc.

Q– We will be at the World Cup working with UNAIDS, the Source Magazine, Metro PCS and a host of other socially responsible partners to educate young citizens about the dangers of HIV, Gun & Gang Violence, Immigration Reform, and Substance Abuse, would you be willing to join us in our work to save some young lives?

A—Where do I sign up?  Of course!  Together everyone achieves more.


Q– Any major events coming up the people need to know about?


Q– Can you offer some words of wisdom to those looking to secure a career in Music?

A—Yes.  Never give up, keep your eye on the prize.  Never settle.  Don’t worry about what others are doing.  Focus on you!  Invest in yourself!  Become a social media monster.  Educate yourself.  Go to school.  Surround yourself around positive people and stay positive.  Network!  Pay your dues.

Q– How does someone get in touch with you if they want to know more about your many projects?

A—You can reach my manager.  That’s me.  Lol.  AJELKALLEJERO@GMAIL.COM.  Thank you for the opportunity.


It’s time for the Latin and Black community to move as one and it is our intent to use this interview to set it off.  Recently the NYS Senate failed to pass the “Dream Act” and according to a report issued by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, 8,300 students in the CUNY and SUNY systems would qualify for the financial benefits offered through the legislation.  It’s a shame because these hard working students are only looking for an opportunity to fulfill their American Dream.  This is just another minor set-back, but we have to get back up on the horse and go even harder next time around.  We must unify our efforts and take “Immigration Reform” to the next level because like Gay Rights reform, the Latin Community deserves justice as well.

Big up to our man Roberto Castillo, the power behind the wheel for making this happen.  For my Latino brothers and sisters looking to join a new powerful movement to address Immigration Reform and Gun & Gang Violence through the hot documentary “BBoy for Life” check out this link and hit us up at the email address below:


For further info on this interview, Amor 93.1 or Mega 97.9, the #1 Latin Radio Station in NYC, and BBoy for Life hit us up at:

Posted by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher (Twitter @HHSYC)

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