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Coachella’s second week is in full swing, however, one of it’s major hip hop acts, expected to draw a large crowd, might be in some trouble. Chance the Rapper, from Acid Rap and The Source’s Rookie Of The Year fame, or one of his close associates posted a terrible disheartening photo on his instagram page a few moments ago. With only the caption “Pray for my boy chance”, the picture showed young Chancellor Bennett in a hospital bed, with a number of IV drips connected to his arm. At this time it is unclear what ailment has befallen the emcee, but we will stay abreast on the situation as we hear more. We are praying for a speedy recovery, especially since he was set to take the stage a little less than two hours from now. Hopefully he will be back up and ready to juke his way on stage soon.

chance in hospital


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