kolley 2

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The Dirty South continues to make strides in proving its longevity despite absence of veteran presences that birthed the genre, Kolley being a poster-child example. Reigning from a town with a population of just over 200 citizens, Kolley has already proved that his ability will be showcased on a much larger plain then his small town origin. As the rookie artist sets to debut his first official release (Real Nigga Shit) on April 30th, he collaborates with fellow Mississippian Big K.R.I.T. who came through miraculously on the production of his single, “Real Love”, where the King Remembered In Time displays his elegant, windows-down-cruising-hot summer day-type production K.R.I.T. fans have grown to cherish. His semi-high pitched voice resembles somewhat of a young Boosie, however Boosie is an obvious hyperbole, renowned for his high pitched stylistics.

The anticipated tape seems promising, as a lot of the guest production comes straight from home: The Dirty South. Big K.R.I.T., the long-time hood vet’ Zaytoven, the soul of the new age trap 808 Mafia group, newly popularized Bobby Johnson (O.G. BOBBY JOHNSON, O.G. BOBBY JOHNSON), commonly frequent presence Metro Boomin, as well as others.


The tape’s cover itself shows accents of the south and its culture reflected in hip-hop: gold chain, gold grill, king of Mississippi David Banner like grimace, and in his eyes symbols of rap succession: money stacks and women with bodacious behinds.

And now? We wait.

-Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)

Listen to the track below.