youngmoneyyawnVA Native Signs Joint Venture With Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Ent. 

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Almost every artist dreams of platinum albums, sold out tours and making chart topping hits that the world loves to sing. Historically, those dreams begin to truly manifest when a musician  signs a major label recording contract. Even in today’s highly indie-minded music business landscape, landing a major label deal is still the apex of many young artists search for legitimacy and proper dissemination of their art.

Young Money Yawn has cut his teeth on Rap’s independent circuit, grinding from the bottom to perfect his craft, gain his fan base, and make his mark in his native Virginia and around the country. It seems as if all his hard work has paid off as it has been announced that Y$Y is official a signee of Kemosabe/RCA Records.

The imprint is headed by Dr. Luke, a renowned hitmaker known for his work with the likes of B.o.B, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Rihanna, Shakira and Katy Perry. 

Y$Y looks to add his unique blend of streetwise content, like his take on Jay Z’s “Imaginary Player”, to the label’s stable of artists.

Congrats to Young Money Yawn and we look forward to the great music this partnership will birth. Watch Yawn announce his decision to sign with Kemosabe/RCA below.


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