afrojack-forget-the-world-album-cover1-590x588Afrojack’s debut album “Forget The World,” hits stores on May 19.

The Source Magazine caught up with the Grammy Award winning DJ, producer and songwriter to discuss his latest album, which will be released by Def Jam. Watch our exclusive interview from Afrojack’s Alife Backyard Session.

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What inspired you to call your debut album “Forget The World”?


Afrojack: The title of the album is “Forget The World” because I wanted to show people the things you can reach if you do forget the world and if you just follow your heart. That’s what I did, that’s what we all did, that’s why we’re all here!

How long have been working on the album?

Afrojack: I’ve been working on it for two years, but the songs that made the final album have all been from the last six months.

Tell us about your collaboration with Snoop Dogg called “Dynamite.”

Afrojack: We performed together during the MTV European Music Awards … after that it was fun, so we headed to the studio, sat down, I played him a couple of tracks including the instrumental of “Dynamite,” and he went Snoop on me … and he went, sat down in the king chair, wrote some stuff down, went in the vocal booth and I recorded a song with him. It was insane.

What was it like working with Snoop Dogg?

Afrojack: It was insane. Really cool.

How did your track “Too Wild” featuring Wiz Khalifa come about?

Afrojack: I was in the studio in LA and he was working in the studio next to me in the same compound and my friend knew some of his friends, he introduced me. I played a couple of songs and he was really vibe-ing to the instrumental of that. We just recorded that in like two hours. It was also insane, fast! He’s really fast, but he’s really laid back, super nice, really relaxed. It was really cool.

Wiz Khalifa is actually singing most of the song as opposed to rapping.

Afrojack: Yeah, I thought the coolest thing ever was I got Wiz to do a house track and I got him to sing on it, he wanted to sing on it, he was vibe-ing to it completely and I think the final effect is really cool, it’s really like the smell here basically, sit back in a nice comfortable chair and you listen to that song and space away.

The legendary Sting is also on your album on the song “Catch Tomorrow.” Fans will be pleasantly surprised. It’s edgy.

Afrojack: Yeah, but the song is still like a Sting song, his voice is there and I think if you’re an actual Sting fan then you’re gonna appreciate the fact that he dropped something new, he doesn’t drop a lot of things anymore and I’m just honored that he wanted to do it with me. I’m also happy just to hear his voice again, even if he did another song. It’s Sting. That’s one special ass voice.

Your song “As Your Friend” featuring Chris Brown is also on the deluxe version of your album.

Afrojack: I produced “Look At Me Now” for him a long time ago together with Diplo … I met him in the studio last year in L.A. and we were just talking, vibe-ing and I played him a couple of songs … and he loved it, and he just jumped in the booth and did it in like twenty minutes, he’s fast. I think he does three or four songs a day. It’s insane.

You also recently collaborated with G-Star Raw on a capsule collection.

Afrojack: I’m a music force for a long time. I’ve always been into art and I’ve also been drawing. I’ve been drawing before I was doing music, just for fun. Then I got approached by G-Star to do something together … and it worked out and everyone is loving it, so that’s pretty cool.

I also sat down with Afrojack in December 2011 for a SourceTV Exclusive interview. Watch this to learn about his beginnings and his hip-hop influences.

Below is the tracklist for the Deluxe version of Afrojack’s “Forget The World.”

Ten Feet Tall feat. Wrabel

Illuminate feat. Matthew Koma

Born To Run feat. Tyler Glenn

Freedom feat. Jack McManus

The Spark feat. Spree Wilson

Dynamite feat. Snoop Dogg

Too Wild feat. Wiz Khalifa & Devin Cruise

Three Strikes feat. Jack McManus

Catch Tomorrow feat. Sting

We’ll Be OK feat. Wrabel

Mexico feat. Shirazi

Keep Our Love Alive feat. Matthew Koma


As Your Friend feat. Chris Brown

Do Or Die – Afrojack vs. THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS Remix

Sovereign Light Café (Afrojack Remix)