eminemcolabIn the long list of controversial rappers and hip hop figures, Eminem is one of the most well known and successful. Since the beginning of his career, he has playfully and dastardly toed the line between harmless fun and totally offensive, which has put him in a number of precarious situations. While he may have calmed down only slightly, his MMLP2 still contains all of the nasty language and borderline toilet humor remarks that some turn their noses up to; one such figure being the Her Royal Highness, the Queen of England.

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When Slim Shady announced that he was headed to the U.K. to perform at Wimbley Stadium, English fans were overjoyed. Unfortunately, this was not the original plan. Mathers was supposed to take part at the Hyde Park British Summer Time Festival, but the Queen was not to keen on that idea. Acts must be granted permission by the Royal Parks Department, whose head is the Royal Family. While he may have drawn large crowds, the Queen used her veto power to stop him from official being on the ticket.

A source close to the Mirror stated: “Eminem is a controversial artist, whose lyrics have been accused of being homophobic, provocative and pretty sweary,” he continued. “So there has been some debate about whether The Royal Parks will rubber-stamp any agreement to play there.”


Fans don’t have to feel to down in the dumps about it, since he will be do a show on the Island any way.

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