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In the midst of prepping his latest album for release, Ransom holds the fans over with a new video, Dying Breed, featuring 3D Na’Tee and Fred The Godson. Though Pain And Glory The Album isn’t set to drop until later this year, Ransom (in typical Ransom fashion) knows that his music is highly valued and as a fast-rising emcee, realizes the reach of his visuals. Easily giving all newcomer’s a run for their money, it doesn’t take long to see why Ransom’s popularity skyrockets with each new release.

Rolling alongside the ShowOff emcee,  3D Na’Tee and Fred The Godson hold their own, slaying verses left and right while all fitting perfectly in the grand scheme of the track as Ransom ties it all together. 3D Na’Tee (featured in several major publications) comes in from left field with a harsh but seductive flow that will capture any ear. While she has you zoning out, Ransom and The Godson come in a finish it off with upper-cut like verses, back to back.


The video shows several cuts of the three rapping in random hallways, street corners, etc. A raw video for a raw single, it’s only fitting. Watch and enjoy the full video, below. Be on the lookout for Ransom’s Pain And Glory The Album later this year.

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM