_MG_3615This week the Stray Kat Gallery in Meatpacking was home to a melting pot of culture fusion.

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Inside guests were invited to view Brooklyn native artist, Zane Fix artwork as his “East Meets West, a Rising Sun Exhibition” was on full display. His art is abstract expressionism, it’s a combination of Jasper Johns and Jackson Pollack … certainly an ode to the Downtown New York City culture of the 70’s to early 90’s. Bright colors, with stencil drawings of famous figures such as Marilyn Monroe (picture Marilyn wearing a Kimono and you get the idea). The Japanese atmosphere was influenced heavily with everything ranging from the geisha pouring glasses of chardonnay, to the artwork presented on the walls.

However the artwork wasn’t the only culture mix. Donning a white lace dress shirt, black platforms, and burgundy skinny jeans, pop band Cary Nokey led by singer 8 Bit took the stage and belted out an interesting mix of tunes, well covers. The range of covers he preformed showcased his mastery of the piano mixed with his vocal range. Some songs included “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga and “No, No, No (Part 1)” by Destiny Child. 8 Bit, teared up after preforming his wide array of songs. 8 Bit formerly known as Rob Fusori has renamed and reinvented himself and his band Cary Nokey has dropped a new song “B Who U R” this month.


8 Bit is best known for co-writing “No No No” for Destiny’s Child, producing “Bootylicious” for the group, producing “Wild Wild West” for Will Smith and co-executive producing Lady Gaga’s Grammy-winning “The Fame.” He co-wrote, produced and is credited on “Paparazzi,” “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich,” “Again Again,” “Brown Eyes” and “Disco Heaven.”

The infusion of Japanese culture and atmosphere and the beautiful artwork really set the tone for the night. Stella Michaels and Zane Fix really brought the cultures of the east and west together.

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-Kedrick Walker

Photo Credit: Kedrick Walker