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Shot and Directed: Martin Metz

I’d rather chew my arm off before I pass the mic…

Have you ever been to Berlin? But have you really been to Berlin? When Dag Savage go to Berlin, they get to the real Hip Hop roots of the place. In their new video, “The Beginning,” off of their E&J album, they compiled show footage and combined it with some time they spent digging in the crates while abroad this past summer. This track was just one reason why we reviewed it in our recent print issue in the Independence Day section. The feel good jam is matched by the clean and simple edits that showcase some ill local graffiti, all through a faded filter to give you that warm feeling of nostalgia. But don’t get too lost in that feeling since Johaz has some serious messages for those who think they can step to them just like that.


See if you can spot all of the cameos from Blu, Quelle Chris, and Denmark Vessey who were all on the Dirty Science Tour with Dag Savage. And bonus points if you find Dag Savage breaking it down, not on the mic or boards, but with some dance moves. You can buy your copy of the album on iTunes, CD, and vinyl.

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)