Candace escapes death

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Last week on the hit show, The Haves & Have Nots, Benny is awaken from his coma that he suffered from his accident. Quincy continues his search to look for Candace but unbeknownst to him is that she is still being held captive. Jim demands Amanda to move out of her apartment so she could get the help that she needs. David and Veronica get into an argument about Jeffery’s car & things were tense between them that he stayed at a hotel. Veronica arranged a date for Jeffery with a woman named Melissa, which let’s just say that the date was a epic fail.

This week; Candace thinking she was going to die ends up escaping with her life as she flees from where she was dropped off at. After their epic failure first date, Melissa seduces Jeffery into having sex with her but Jeffery was very uncomfortable with it. Candace goes back to her apartment to discover that Amanda moved out and that her stuff is gone. Quincy approaches a man named Warlock and his posse and he tells him that he is looking for Candace. They tell him that she is in law school and is out of the dangerous life. Warlock warns Quincy not to come around anymore.


Amanda is at her parents’ house and dancing with the gun that wants to kill her family with. Still feeling uncomfortable, Jeffery calls Landon and he tells him everything about his date. He meets him at his hotel room and he reveals to Landon that he had unprotected sex with Melissa. Two detectives approach Hanna about testifying against Wyatt and she asks for Byron, but they tell her that they do not know who Byron is. They insist to her that they are the only ones working the case.

Tune in next week to see what happens with Candace next

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