Keke gives you the breakdown of the new dating rules 

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On the second episode of Just KeKe, Keke addresses a serious topic that had affected the community since slavery using the N-word and she also had the opportunity to chat with Rachel Jantel about her friendship with Trayvon Martin and the night that he was killed.  She also ask if using the N-word is appropriate or not.

On yesterday’s episode, Keke sit down with the girl group Fifth Harmony as they talked love, and their career. She explain the rules to dating and why they are important. She asks her audience the question are side chicks winning? and most of the females in the audience agrees that they are in fact winning, while others admitted that they were side chicks themselves.


One moment from the show that stood out to me was when one audience member got the surprise of her life as her boyfriend proposed to her. After he proposed to her, his mother came to surprise him to meet his fiance and also the show executive producer Judge Greg Mathis also made an appearance on the show.

Make sure that you tune in at 5 pm to see what she’s going to talk about next

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