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Robin fields tough questions from Sway & co.

Robin Thicke followed up the biggest year of his career with the toughest one, and a couple days ago, the honorable Sway Calloway caught up with the crooner shortly after the release of his latest album, Paula, named after Paula Patton, his wife, from whom he’s currently separated.


Thicke addressed some of Sway’s pertinent questions about Paula, namely, some of the profound lyrics on “Forever Love”, and what exactly Thicke did to land himself in such a position–a question Thicke refused to answer on air but did admit that most of the questions surrounding that could be answered by listening closely to the album–but the toughest part of the interview for Thicke came when Sway decided to play a soundbite of what Patton said about her relationship with Thicke the last time she was on SWay’s show.

Thicke got so choked up he requested he cameras be turned off, and after he re-gathered himself, confidently asked, “Now who doesn’t think I should make an album called ‘Paula’?

Fast-forward to the 8-minute mark to watch that portion of the interview.