What do you get when you go from Lawrence, MA to Queens, NY? A hard hitting track with REKS, Noreaga, and Saigon fitting of a battle march before combat. Forget your Gatorade chewables. Just have “Garvey” on loud in your headphones. Track 2 off of REKS’ and Hazardis Soundz’ Eyes Watching God album gets a simple visual to accompany the already complex track. There are plenty of references to well known figures in history in this one so take out a notepad if you want to get summer schooled right quick. There is also a short, entertaining interlude of Noreaga attempting to take the well known pose of Malcolm X by the window, which was also imitated by KRS-One for the cover of By All Means Necessary. Also, mad props to Saigon for one of the classier outros to a verse.

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Bonus points: Spot the Metal Gear Solid reference in the video.


Directed by: Hero Dradé

Bryan Hahn is still listening to this track as he works his desk job. He may start a rebellion soon, as a result. Follow the revolution on Twitter (@notupstate).