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We’re getting closer to the epic season finale and the truth is getting exposed

Before we give you highlights from this episode, we must get you caught up from previous episodes. On episode eleven, Tammy & Waka Flocka revealed to both of their mothers that they got married at the courthouse & Benzino proposed to Atlhea after only dating for six months. On episode twelve, Mimi & Nikko sex tape is released, Joseline decides to take a break away from Stevie as she visits K.Michelle in New York, and Kirk throws Rasheeda an apology party (where it things ). On episode thirteen, Kaleena finds out that she is pregnant once again & must move out of their house because there’s mold in it, Scrappy gives Bambi a promise ring.

On episode fourteen, Mimi is hit with some devastation news that her father passed away & things get turned up between Joseline & Stevie as Mimi is on the front of Hip Hop Weekly & Joseline is a centerfold in the magazine. On last week’s episode, Mimi does some soul searching on why she’s been feeling depressed & it’s only one person that could solve this problem Stevie J and Karlie Redd & Yung Joc decides to end things good because he told her that he was going out of town but it turns out that he was in town messing with the same woman that she told him to stay away from. 


This week, things are about the get real as we are getting exposed to the truth and it’s all about sex, lies, and videotapes as more revelations come up this season. Her Source gives you the highlights of last night’s episode as we were shocked at some things that were said. 

1. Mimi drops a bombshell on her friends

While at lunch with Ariane & Erica D., Mimi drops a major bombshell that they didn’t see coming. She revealed that he is in fact married and that they didn’t see this coming. (Ladies,remember don’t ever date somebody that is married or engaged)

2. Karlie Redd took Yung Joc off the “Heartbreaker” single

You know the saying it’s nothing like a woman scorned. Karlie Redd revealed to both Kaleena & Rasheeda that she ended up keeping the “Heartbreak” record and that she took him off the record. She ended up putting Young Dro on the song and she even shot a video, where Joc didn’t know that he was off the record. They both threw jabs at each other. (This rule applies to both males & females- never mix business with pleasure).

3. Tammy visits the fertility doctor

Tammy decides that it’s time to visit the fertility doctor because she wants to have more kids and she already have a eight year old daughter, Charlie. Since her and Waka are married, she thinks that it’s about time to settle down & establish a family. (Ladies, remember the saying happy life happy wife)

4. Stevie J reveals to Snoop Dogg that he had sex with Althea 

While in the studio in LA with Snoop Dogg, he revealed to him that Benzino is getting married and that he wants him to be his best man. The only problem with that he messed with Althea before she met Benzino but he never told Joseline about what happened between them. (Fellas, here is a tip that would make you keep your girl just be honest with her).

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