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Stalley’s new album will be named after his home state.

Aside from sporadically dropping videos off his Honest Cowboy project, Stalley has been pretty lowkey. MMG has put out quite a few successful albums from artists like Rick Ross and Wale and while those artists as well as Meek Mill have gotten their shine, other label mates like Stalley and Rockie Fresh have been sort of taking the back seat. It looks like Stalley will finally be emerging from the shadows of his label mates. In a new vlog the MMG rapper announced the title of his debut album, named after his home state, Ohio. There hasn’t been any talks of a specific date but the album is on the way. Check out the video of the announcement as well as some of the studio sessions for the record above.


Deniqua really enjoyed Honest Cowboy and is looking forward to hearing Ohio, she’s on Twitter @__hennystraight.