New Photos of Darren Wilson, Mike Brown’s Killer


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Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is presumed to be America’s most wanted. However, apart from one publicly released photo of him that came from social media by Yahoo! News, no one knows for sure what he looks like—until a set of photos came out in the open yesterday night.  They were collected from public social media accounts.

Wilson killed an unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. last month and since then, no one knows where he is. The Washington Post and the St. Louis Post Dispatch have speculated that Wilson deleted any social media accounts that he may have had.


However, Colorlines was able to collect many photos of Wilson. They include both professional photographs from the wedding photographer published on Facebook, and guest photos that were likely taken by an amateur (see gallery above).

The marriage was terminated last November after Darren Wilson left for the Ferguson Police Department.


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