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Pharrell Williams recently joined Don Lemon in an exclusive on CNN and was asked his opinion on the recent tragic events concerning the murder of Mike Brown. The superstar has always been socially aware and never hesitated to let his opinions be known regarding certain topics.

“I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed in the way that it was handled from the government side. I think that officer should be punished because that was excessive force… That kid didn’t have to be killed so i feel like that officer should be punished, but at the same time – we gotta start looking at ourselves too because we are feeling hunted and we need to be able to avoid these things.Sometimes its unavoidable.”

Don & Pharrell also touched on the ever so popular sagging jeans topic and whether or not its a black or white thing. The sit-down is pretty interesting from start to finish. Towards the end Pharrell gives insight to how his upbringing influences his views on certain events such as this one.


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