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3000 may have been joking, but imagine?

Leonardo Dicaprio is known for some of the great acting roles in recent, and not-so-recent history. Titanic, The Aviator, Catch Me If You Can, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Shutter Island, The Departed, and most recently, The Wolf Of Wall Street. He’s also known for being quite possibly the best actor to have never won an Academy Award. However, if he could pull off this role, that might change.

Following a screening of his highly anticipated Jimi Hendrix biopic, the topic of an Outkast biopic was broached with the more mysterious half of the duo, and he had some light comments on it.

It would be great to make an Outkast movie right now, but instead of really serious, make it a full comedy — like Kevin Hart would play Big Boi…We should cast somebody stupid [as 3000] — like Leonardo [DiCaprio].

Sure, Andre prefaced his suggestion with “somebody stupid” but let’s not pretend as if it’s too far fetched. Remember that time Robert Downey Jr. played the African-American Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder? That was 2008, imagine the technological advances we’ve made in 6 years that would make it even easier for Dicaprio. Doesn’t hurt to dream, right?