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Well that’s good news for The King

Last night, Drake was leaving the L.A. premiere of LeBron James‘ new TV show “Survivor’s Remorse”—an original series for Starz produced partly by James. As Drake was getting ready to leave, a TMZ reporter approached the Canadian rapper and asked him if he’d ever team up with James, who just recently released his very first rap single five months ago during a private studio session with a friend. TMZ Sports was able to get access to the exclusive audio (see above).


“Yo, LeBron dropped a little single,” the reporter said. “I was wondering if you’d ever make music with him, man.”

“Oh, always, man,” Drake replied. “You know, tell him to get at me.”

However, if Drake and LeBron James really collaborate with one another, that would be interesting indeed. James seems like he can do it all—hopefully rapping on the side, doesn’t distract him for what he’s really known for…a basketball player.

Also, Survivor’s Remorse, premiere was “great,” says Drake and it debuts on October 4. Will you be watching?


Sherley is a big fan of both LeBron and Drake. You can follow her on twitter @sherleybee_